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LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn ads are paid advertisements shared on LinkedIn. There are three main types of LinkedIn ads available that can be adapted to any objective or goal. Sponsored content ads promote content with the goal of increasing brand awareness and are designed to get people talking about your business or to be contacted or followed by people interested in your products or services. Sponsored InMail can be used to send personalised messages to a specified audience by way of messaging and is ideal for offering specialised content that may bring in leads. Text ads, meanwhile, focus on creating an attractive text ad that helps to lead members of your target market to your website or landing page and are designed to get leads or conversions.


LinkedIn ads can be highly effective both for reaching a professional target audience or for B2B campaigns. It is “the” professional social network globally with profiles found on LinkedIn exclusively those of professionals. This target market is almost impossible to identify in the same capacity on other social media platforms. Linkedin is undoubtedly the best, professional social media platform in the world and if you implement a good strategy, it can yield incredible results.

Benefits of Advertising on LinkedIn

Unique Targeting Opportunities

Benefit from unique traits and business opportunities to help you reach both professionals or people who are a part of a company’s decision-making process. A great opportunity to connect with a well-defined and specified target audience.

Promote Your Products and Services

With LinkedIn ads it’s easy to showcase your products or services to a sector clearly defined as your target market. Amplify your brand by exchanging recommendations and opinions between connections and enhance your reputation and your brand.

Customise Your Budget

Tailor your budget to your business and change your budget and bids in response to your campaign’s performance to help your company maximize the outcome of your ad campaign. With its demographics, LinkedIn offers prime access to high-value leads.

Excellent Networking Opportunities

Take advantage of Linkedin’s networking strength. Share quality content with your connections and drive direct quality traffic towards your website. LinkedIn Ads generate visits and direct contacts via your profile which are easily trackable with LinkedIn’s integrated statistics software.

Stimulate Interest via Discussions and Forums

Join one or more of the numerous specialised groups focused on the interests of people within a given target market. Learn about the most recent innovations within your sector and position yourself to be up-to-date and informed within your area of expertise.

Connect with Other Social Media

Use LinkedIn as an added source of connection. Easily integrate it into your website and use it as an extra aid in generating content on other social networks. Achieve impressive results driven by the best professional social media channel.