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Facebook and Instagram are two of the most popular mobile platforms with one in five minutes on mobile currently spent on either platform. Instagram ads can be added to Facebook ad campaigns easily through both Ads Manager and Power Editor under the ad set’s Placement section. Facebook and Instagram campaigns can use the same photos or video across both platforms or a unique creative for each. Advertisers can, therefore, easily run and manage ad campaigns across both Instagram and Facebook to reach more people. Businesses that have been doing this have seen that reaching more people can be done with little added effort. 


Campaigns that run across both Facebook and Instagram tend to result in similar or better performance for website clicks, website conversions, video views and mobile app installs than those that ran on just one. In this respect, a lower cost per conversion, cost per action or cost per install is possible when running ads across both platforms. Thanks to the synergies created with this technique, many users have changed their ad sets to run across both Facebook and Instagram as the way forward.

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Optimised Delivery

The delivery system works best with more people to choose from. Select Facebook and Instagram and get your ads to the best people in your target market. Optimised delivery at the lowest cost.

Engaged Audiences

Many people visit Instagram for inspiration. New ad formats like Instagram Stories present a significant opportunity for advertisers with around one third of the most viewed stories come from businesses. Engage your audience in a novel way and keep them coming back for more.

Easy Setup

No need to set up an Instagram account for your business if you don't have time. Your Facebook Page can serve as the voice of your ad on Instagram.
There’s also no need to create different content for Instagram. You can easily upload different Facebook and Instagram ad creative within the same ad set.

Ads Management

Manage both Instagram and Facebook ads through Facebook’s Ads Manager. Through a single location for ad resources, it’s easy to select multiple audiences and placements. Campaigns are easily managed and results are downloadable.


Using Instagram as an added placement will decrease your CPA in Facebook placement. Target Facebook and Instagram together with Placement Optimisation and Facebook will deliver your ads in the placements that give you the lowest CPA available throughout the day.


Use Placement Optimisation for an incremental and efficient expansion of your reach. See better CPAs and a significant increase in conversions due to a better reach. Watch your customer-base grow, starting with just one click.