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DV360 (DoubleClick)

Display & Video 360 is a platform that established itself as the vanguard of a direction known as programmatic advertising. Programmatic advertising allows dynamic content to be delivered based on the customer’s profile and behavior in real-time. You can engage at every stage of the customer lifecycle and create meaningful interactions every step of the way. Better audience targeting becomes a reality! 

When the cutting edge capabilities of DoubleClick combine with the expertise of Mobiblade’s marketing team, you get full control of campaigns, limitless possibilities and a robust all-in-one solution for advertisers.

DV360 Tools

Digital Marketing Manager:

Offers a digital advertising solution. Includes ad serving, management and reporting solutions.

Bid Manager:

This is Google’s DSP which was developed from scratch to help agencies such as Mobiblade to buy placements within a multitude of ad exchanges in real-time.


A robust platform which proves invaluable for managing, providing statistics and optimizing search engine campaigns.

Rich Media:

A system dedicated to the management of rich media advertising such as videos, audio and other elements which encourage engagement and interaction.


Production and workflow tools used by both creative and media agencies to produce and manage DoubleClick Rich Media ad units.


The most rounded measurement tool used by 98% of websites. Google Analytics is the key element of DoubleClick Digital Marketing that provides complete measurements.