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Criteo is a retargeting company that works with online retailers to serve personalised online display advertisements to users who have previously visited the advertiser’s website. The aim is to help drive potential customers back to the advertiser’s website. With its comprehensive suite of advertising solutions, retailers and brands of all sizes can access the data and technology required to best attract customers and retain them.

Criteo is a global leader in commerce marketing thanks to machine-learning technology, data and performance at scale, as well as measurable ROI for its clients. With knowledge from 2.5 billion active monthly shoppers, Criteo can help you serve ads to totally new audiences based on their unique browsing and buying habits. Criteo works by way of display advertising. Its retargeting solution displays interactive banner advertisements that are generated based on the online retail browsing preferences and products for each customer. The solution operates on a pay per click/cost per click (CPC) basis and is used by many of the world’s leading global brands.

Benefits of Advertising on Criteo

Increase Website Traffic

Showcase your brand with product offers and flexible creatives. Featuring intelligent product recommendations, your ads will automatically show products that are most likely to trigger visits and engagement. Flexible targeting enables you to build audiences from Criteo’s commerce data set or use your own prospect and customer lists.

Increase Website Conversions

When visitors leave your website, remind them about what they’re missing with retargeting ads that increase conversions showing special deals and offers. Upload your customer list to re-engage existing customers or target consumers who are similar to your most loyal customers.

Get More App Installs

Target new users, lapsed users, and active mobile web visitors with ads that drive installs. Criteo’s AI engine can power campaigns that target the users most likely to download and regularly use your app.

Boost App Traffic

Get app engagement from new customers on mobile web, other apps, and across devices. Promote special offers that link directly to the product page within your app to increase traffic, encourage use, and secure an on-going customer relationship.

Increase Product Visibility With Sponsored Ads

Deliver native product ads to high intent shoppers on the sites and apps of the world’s biggest retailers. Boost your online presence and drive more sales with campaigns that can be managed in real time and track performance across retailers.

Promote Products With Commerce Display Ads

Showcase your products while delivering your marketing promotional content and messages. Take advantage of premium retailer inventory and shopper data such as purchase history to deliver display ads that combine brand and product content perfectly.