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Bing Ads

Bing is a search engine owned by Microsoft. It provides a standard web search, as well as specialised searches for images, videos, shopping, news, maps, and other categories. Bing is well known for its listings capability and can give you comprehensive results depending on your requirements. As well as advanced filters, Bing offers a broad range of features including “instant answers” embracing a broad spectrum of interests from sports to finance. Bing’s home page includes a background image or video that is updated every day. It also uses Microsoft’s proprietary search algorithm to provide relevant search results, including instant answers, that are relevant to the keywords you entered. 

Over 133 million people search using Bing with around 34% of desktop searches in the US conducted in this way. So, if you’re marketing in the US, you may be omitting a third of your audience by not advertising on Bing. Since the vast majority of users are also on high income levels, you may miss out on very profitable leads. Bing Ads are specifically shown on the Bing, Yahoo, and AOL search engines, making the Bing network one of the best places to advertise according to market shares.

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Benefits of Advertising on Bing

Leverage Off Background Images

An intuitive user-interface which gathers lots of attention from its users. Bing’s background images change daily, giving a depiction of what the user can visibly relate to such as popular cities. Leverage off these images by setting your most preferred as your desktop background.

Visual and Private Searches

The ability to snap a photo of a specific spare part of an object and search to get the most authentic and definite results. Simply use only an image to search for anything you want on Bing. Experience sophisticated privacy controls by switching on the private mode to hide all private searches from your browser's history.

Maximise Your Reach

Make your business visible to potential customers globally and reach users in a brainy and well-informed way. Keep track of all conversions which come directly from your Bing Ads and import other campaigns such as Google Ads easily. Bing uses the pay-per-click strategy so you can work with a budget that suits you.