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TV and Digital Campaigns: Strong Relationship?

The media landscape

A well-known factor and it is not something new to be said: the media “landscape”  isn’t the same as it used to be. And this factor is not even close to ever stop changing. 

Looking at the people’s media consumption behavior, it separates in different parts which makes it more expensive for the advertiser to reach the right sector of the audience. The TV media sector is no longer THE only tool you can use to reach mass-market. However, TV when you look in terms of audience reach, the numbers show that it’s still by far has the most winning terms to win the end customer. Well, at least for now.

Interesting fact, in 2017 the finding show that quarter of 18-49-year-olds did not subscribe to liner in the US, and what more interesting that for the past 2 years the number Millenials of who don’t have a TV subscription has increased by 50 % (Google & Nelson).

Why Video?

Even though everything is changing with a speed of sound in this field, one thing that remains the same: video is still the most favorite format across all markets. 

“A dramatic 45 % increase in Netflix in the year of 2018, alongside the growth the subscriptions video on demand (SVoD) category, is reinforcing television /video as the nation’s most popular media, now watched by 99% of British adults for 4 Hours and 41  per day “(IPA, 2018).

So basically, video is watched more than anything else and this is when you take it to your advantage and combine TV and digital platforms together.

Combine both and get killer results!

So if you planning to double the effect and drive your ROI, you better look at TV campaigns and combine it with Facebook/Instagram video and YouTube. Which will allow you to have much better results than just using the channels separately. Looking at the cost-effectiveness, it will be still to your advantage taking into consideration that “Facebook found on an average, spend on TV is 16.6x greater than on Facebook even though the TV component of campaigns reach only 3.6x as many people as Facebook “(Facebook, 2018).

The TV might be the traditional advertising, however, shouldn’t be taken out of the equation. For outstanding results use both traditional advertising and digital such as Facebook/Instagram video and let’s not forget about the power of YouTube!

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