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DoubleClick by Google: Analytical Arsenal

Advancements in technology are constantly changing in the marketing landscape. Despite these changes, one thing always remained the same with Google – is the commitment to connecting people and business online.

Throughout the years the main concern that top customers have requested from Google was – to simplify the portfolio of products to make it easier for the customer to choose the right solution for the right business. This is when Google started making changes, where Google Adwords became Google Ads. DoubleClick buy – side products and Google Analytics 360 Suite came together to form and become Google Marketing Platform. Last but not least, DoubleClick for publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange now is Google Ad Manager.

What is DoubleClick?

DoubleClick is a suite of different advertising solutions, including:

  • DoubleClick Search, to aggregate and organize all your paid search campaigns;
  • DoubleClick Bid Manager, to bidfor placing ads across tons of different platforms and partners– particularly display ads, YouTube, video – rich media, and other premium publisher systems
  • DoubleClick Campaign Manager, which helps you organize and report across all of your activity and all of your advertising campaigns online.

These solutions work together to give you insights that your normal solutions might not provide in full depth. In fact, the best feature is that Double Click can give you more rich insight into pre – click activity, and how it ties with post – click activity.

Intelligent media-buying decisions

Within this vast range, keyword contextual targeting is possible so you can make intelligent media – buying decisions. By applying this technique to reach consumers at exactly that moment they are reading relevant content.When this data is combined with the already available first and third party consumer data within a company, showing the right ad at the right time and in the right place is a simple matter. It is immediately clear in what places the ads are displayed and the associated actual cost of the media buy. The conversion paths give us insight into the most optimal performing formats for performance marketing.

Integrating digital marketing

More effective campaigns will be the reality with this single comprehensive platform. It is easy to manage all media. Access to auction display, search, social, video, mobile and more. All digital channels are brought together for true cross-channel campaigns, reports and insights. Re-marketing lists created in search are automatically available in DBM. Re-engage with consumers who have clicked on search ads and show them display ads. DBM has direct access to a variety of formats from a single interface. Depending on the available inventory from DBM can be offered on mobile, video, rich media, or expendables available inventory in private exchanges. Automated digital media buying will be simpler, more efficient and faster than ever before.

End note…

Our team of experts is here to answer all of your questions and optimize the best campaign for you to target the right market at the right time. Drop us a message and we will sort you out!

Kate, Client Solutions Manager