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Facebook Era

In today’s era, Facebook is the king of all social media networks. According to the report of March 2019, Facebook users exceed 2.5 billion monthly.

I think everybody knows about this social media platform, and it will be no surprise to know that the daily traffic on Facebook increases. As well as, a substantial amount of businesses are looking for such a platform to market their business. Which allows massive clean traffic on a daily basis. And all of these requests Facebook accommodates.

Facebook provides a user-friendly environment and that is the major success factor in such high volumes of traffic. Even a nine-year-old child can easily use it. Post, share, a comment you name it all the activities you can do on Facebook. Let’s also not forget about  Instagram and wonders it does in today’s digital marketing world!

 Let’s look at some statistics 
Can you imagine that 13% of global active Facebook users are women 25-34! The statistics show the break down into gender and age categories, Statista analytics show that the highest concentration of Facebook users were ages 18-44. Substantial numbers demographic group is at 19 %, men ages 25-34.


Here’s a Facebook stats for the highest number of wordwide users by country. May or may not be a surprise to you that the highest number of users in not United States but is actually India.

And some more insights…96 % of Facebook users access it on their mobile device (via tablet or smartphone), according to Statista. Don’t get surprised when you see that percentage number are over 100 %, that is because people access Facebook from a variety of devices!

 Looking at this data and several devices that people use to access Facebook, it is sure that it is a great tool to be used to market your business and spread the word!

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