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DoubleClick: An Emerging Trend or a Marketing Staple?

The digital media landscape is now more competitive and intimidating than ever. With all the savvy marketers operating in the advertising space, it becomes increasingly difficult to stay ahead of the ever-changing martech curve.

However, there is an approach that keeps making waves and is likely to remain the vanguard of marketing technology for the foreseeable future – it’s programmatic buying.

Introduction to Programmatic

Programmatic buying, as opposed to reservation buying, is algorithmic sale and purchase of advertising space. It allows for automation and implementation of data-driven tactics in order to reach the intended audience in real-time.

Serve the right ads to the right people and do so in the correct context as well as within established budgets – that’s what programmatic approach is all about.

Mobiblade team launched a diverse set of campaigns with DoubleClick, Google’s programmatic solution, and we would like to offer a brief primer on its capabilities.

Mobiblade Presents DoubleClick

What happens when the cutting edge capabilities of DoubleClick meet the expertise of the marketing team at Mobiblade? Full control of campaigns, limitless possibilities and a robust all-in-one solution for advertisers.

By itself, DoubleClick includes 6 modules, each of them being tailored to fulfill a specific marketing purpose.

  • Digital Marketing Manager: Offers digital advertising solution. Ad serving, management and reporting solutions.
  • Bid manager: This is Google’s DSP which was developed from scratch to help agencies such as Mobiblade to buy placements within a multitude of ad exchanges in real-time.
  • Search: Robust platform which proves invaluable to manage, provide statistics and optimize search engine campaigns.
  • Rich Media: System dedicated to management of rich media advertising such as videos, audio and other elements which encourage engagements and interactions.
  • Studio: Production and workflow tools used by both creative and media agencies to produce and manage DoubleClick Rich Media ad units.
  • Analytics: The most rounded measurement tool used by 98% of websites. Google Analytics is the key element of DoubleClick Digital Marketing that provides complete measurements.

Each of these solutions may prove invaluable by itself, but when combined, they offer what is arguably the most feature-rich ad platform to ever grace the world.

What can Mobiblade help my business achieve with a DoubleClick campaign?

Get more meaningful conversions
Programmatic allows to deliver dynamic content based on the customer’s profile and behavior in real-time. Engage at every stage of the customer lifecycle and create meaningful interactions at every step of the way. Better audience targeting is a reality.

Enjoy savings from campaigns
Mobiblade employs bid strategies that optimize ad spend. We review performance and adjust campaigns to make sure that your goals are met: impressions, conversions or acquisitions.

Scale your efforts with ease
Launch campaigns across several publishers at any given time. DoubleClick offers access to over 100 ad exchanges! As there is never going to be a shortage of inventory or impressions, you can easily reach millions of prospects in mere minutes.

Mobiblade and DoubleClick Defining the Future

Businesses who want to be more competitive need to look to the future!
Understanding programmatic can support your entire customer acquisition funnel and in order to fully appreciate the collosal abilities of DoubleClick, one needs to look no further than Mobiblade.

Marketers nowadays have ample opportunities to deploy media throughout the customer lifecycle, and Mobiblade can help you attain them.
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