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Mobiblade and TikTok to Conquer New Frontiers

We are pleased to announce that a partnership between the digital performance agency Mobiblade and TikTok has been finally struck

Our partnership with TikTok Ads will allow us to provide international brand marketing services globally. Mobiblade will begin to run native advertising campaigns which include famous TikTok influencers.

In general, TikTok has 2 worthwhile ad platforms for our advertisers: TikTok ads (for global traffic excluding China) and Ocean Engine (for campaigns targeting in China). TikTok ads has an English option for everything, while Ocean Engine will begin supporting English in 2020. During the Ocean Engine translation process, Mobiblade will provide English support for international brands.

As an official partner of TikTok, Mobiblade will be running promotional campaigns for gaming, financial and travel brands, which are going to be launched early this year. Mobiblade will help advertisers with user acquisition, reaching maximum audience and get positive results. Most mobile applications support native ad formats, have precise targeting, work with different biddings, get intelligent tools for creating videos, and monitor transparently by Mobiblade and all main third parties such as AppsFlyer, Adjust, TUNE and etc.

Additionally, Mobiblade is going to launch a huge ad campaign with TikTok influencers for E-commerce shops and travel projects. Influencer marketing has grown bigger and trendier in the past few years. Mobiblade is providing full digital services in Europe, Africa, Latam, Russia, Middle East and Asia. Mobiblade has access to exclusive perks in Mainland China. Please feel free to educate yourself on our packaged offers.  We maintain partnerships with Baidu,, Sogou, Weibo and WeChat.

Curiously, the Chinese have their own media ecosystem, which might be more mature than western ones. To better understand how companies engage with Chinese consumers via local Chinese analytics, you should read our overview of the Baidu Tongji or 百度统计 in 2019.